Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University

Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University

MSARTU-buildingMSARTU was founded in 1930.

Every year MSARTU provides education for more than 9 thousand graduate and postgraduate students. 350 young people from more than 68 countries of the world enter the Preparatory Faculty for foreign students annually.

The University has 8 head Faculties, the Faculty of Humanities, the Preparatory Faculty for foreign students, and the Postgraduate Faculty. The University chairs have 24 branches at different enterprises, research institutes and design offices in Moscow. In addition 2 centers for training, research and production which function under the University`s supervision have been founded.

The University offers the following Principal Degrees and Diplomas.

Bachelors training in the following fields:

  • Traffic management systems building
  • Economy
  • Management
  • Automatization and monitoring
  • Electrotechnics
  • Electromechanics and electrotechnology
  • Technological machi-nes and equipment
  • Informatics and computers
  • Diplomed Engineers and Masters training in the following qualifications:MSARTU-lectures1
  • Automobiles and automobile economy
  • Combustion engines
  • Machines for lifting and transportation
  • Building machines
  • Road building machines and equipment
  • Wheeled and caterpillar machines
  • Control traffic engineering
  • Highway and airport engineering
  • Bridged and transport tunnels
  • Transport economy and management
  • Building economy and management
  • Motor transport and transport management
  • Automatization of technological processes and manufacturing
  • Electricity and electronic equipment of automobiles and tractors
  • Equipment and technology for development of wear resistance and reconstruction of details of machines and equipment
  • Hydraulic machines
  • Hydraulic drives and compressed air automatics
  • Automatized systems for data development and controlling.


Student Life

Students free time is devoted to various interests and types of activity.  There are video, dance, music and other amateur clubs and discotecs opened at the University and in the Hostels.

The University has its driving courses which train drivers for the category C transport means (passenger cars).

Many students have become winners of important sport competitions.

Here is the list of departments with chairs of the MSARTU:



  • Preparing Faculty
  • Faculty for training foreign students


  • Applied Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Common Theoretical Disciplines
  • Drawing Geometry and Designing
  • Theoretical Mechanics


  • Mechanical and Machine Design
  • Details of Machines and Theory of Machines, Tracking Machines and Amphibious
  • Machines
  • Transport and Technological Robots,
  • Transport Equipment
  • Hydraulic Drivers and Hydraulic and
  • Compressed Air Automatics.


  • Economics Theories
  • Economy of Motor Transport
  • Road Economy
  • Management Faculty with Chairs
  • Delivery Organization and Motor Transport Controlling
  • Automatic Systems of Controlling
  • Safety Management


  • Motor Transport Faculty with Chairs.
  • Automobiles
  • Industrial Electronics and Automatization
  • Exploitation of Automobile Transport
  • Faculty for Road Building and Technological Machines with Chairs
  • Road Building Machines
  • Exploitation of Road Building Machines
  • Production and Repairing Automobiles and Road Building Machines
  • Metals and Thermo Development of Metals
  • Technology of Metals
  • Automatization of Industrial Processes
  • Energy and Environment Faculty with Chairs
  • Automobiles and Tractors Engines
  • Industrial and Transportation Environment
  • Electrotechnics and Electricity Equipment
  • Faculty for Highways and Aerodromes with Chairs
  • Geodesy Road Design
  • Road Building and Maintenance Aeroports
  • Faculty for Bridges and Transport Tunnels with Chairs
  • Hydraulics
  • Building Mechanics
  • Engineering Geology and Geotechnics Bridges and Transport Tunnels