Moscow Power Engineering Institute

Moscow Power Engineering Institute


Moscow Power Engineering Institute


MEPI-buildingMPEI - was founded in 1930 in Moscow at the very beginning of world power engineering development and was widened and enlarged with the discovering of new energy sources, solving new scientific and technological problems, implementing of new methods of energy generating, distributing and consuming. MPEI is of the same age as Russian Power Engineering.

MPEI now is the largest Russian Power Engineering University and scientific center, one of the main universities in Russia in the field of Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computers Science. MPEI today is a unity of modern educational and scientific laboratories, cabinets and lecture halls supplied with modern equipment, installations, control and measuring systems and technical means of education. The MPEI has the official status of Technical University and is a Member of International Association of Universities being really international higher educational institution. In accordance with official rating of the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation the MPEI holds one of the leading places in the list of all technical universities of Russia.

MPEI has a unique educational Heat and Power Plant which was the first plant of such type from those, which were built for Universities; Main Computer Center and many computer laboratories equipped with large, mini and personal computers; the Center of Video-Computer Methods of Teaching; Center of Distant Education; one of the largest university's Scientific and Technological Library; own Publishing Office and Publishing Division, which produce text-books, manuals, scientific literature; audio-video-computer Russian Language Center; large sport stadium, swimming pool, sport halls for students and professors.

Special Design Bureau of MPEI has its own Center of Deep Space Communication in Russia. It is one of these Scientific Centers near Moscow, where the first pictures of Venus and reverse side of the Moon were received. These Centers are open for the students and trainees.

Now MPEI consists of 7 Technical Institutes, 3 special Faculties, including Preliminary Faculty and Retraining Faculty for the specialists from industry and educational institutions, Institute of Humanities, Institute of Technology, Ecology and Business and also several affiliated educational centers, such as Institute of Business Security, Linguistics Institute, Institute MPEI-FESTO, etc. There are 70 Departments in MPEI, 550 educational laboratories for students and more than 100 research laboratories. Now more than 10 000 students are trained in MPEI, nearly 500 foreign students from 40 countries included, and more than 500 Ph.D. students (100 foreigners included) are preparing the Ph.D. thesis.

More than 1500 professors, associated professors and lecturers are in the MPEI's educational staff, and the most among them have the Degree of Doctor of Science and Doctor of Philosophy.


Training of foreign students in MPEI started in 1946. Compared with many other Russian Technical Universities MPEI has been always open for foreigners and citizens of any country may enter any MPEI course including those concerned with modern technologies. More than 7000 foreigners have got high-quality education in MPEI. More than 1000 persons have got the Ph.D. degrees. Among our graduates there are many persons who worked and work at the highest State positions:

Li Peng, the former Prime-Minister of the People’s Republic of China;

Ion Iliesku, the President of Romania;

Pedro Van Dunem Dos Santos de Castro, the Minister of Power Industry of Angola;

Iojef Sabo, General Director of High-Voltage Networks Corporation (Hungary);

Randjikar Sahan Lal, Vice-President of Nepal Engineering Association;

Makala Samuel, the Minister of Power Industry of Tanzania;

Traore Sheikne, the Director of Solar Power Institute of Mali;

Hussein Sarhan Sbeikh, the Dean of Al-Huson Polytechnic University College, Jordan.


·               Library, which has books fund nearly 2,000,000 units, 8 reading halls and a computer hall;

·               Students hostel for 5100 students, Ph.D. students and trainees;

·               Medical polyclinic, having high qualified specialists, computer diagnostic center, center of laser medical examination;

·               Computer Halls of MPEI and Departments with modern software and INTERNET communication;

·               Sports facilities, including stadium, halls for sports training, tennis courts, swimming pool, etc.


During long period MPEI is a Member of International Association of Universities. MPEI takes part in activity series of Communities and takes part in carrying-out:

·               European and International programs UNESCO; UNIDO;

·               Programs TACIS and INTAS;

·               International Agency of Atomic Energy;

·               Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, IEEE (USA);

·               Institute of Electrical Engineers, IEE (UK);

·               European Association for International Education, EAIE;

·               International Programs of Distant Education;

·               International Energy Club;

·               International Computer Club;

·               International Corporation of graduates of Soviet Institutions (INCORVUZ);

·               International Association on Large Electrical High-Voltage Systems;

·               International Association on Superconductivity;

·               International Association on Wind Energy;

·               International Academy of Power Engineering;

·               International Academy of Electrical Engineering;

·               International Academy of Science of Higher Educational Institutions;

·               International Academy of Information.

General information for entrants and guests

MPEI doors are open for everyone

persons from foreign countries who graduated from secondary school or college have the possibility to study at the preliminary faculty of MPEI for Russian language learning. During this 10-months course additional subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, informatics, engineering drawing) are also studied;

persons who graduated from secondary school or college and completed preliminary faculty of MPEI or another Russian university have the possibility to study at B.Sc. course in certain fields of study and get the wide and deep base education during 4 years (in Russian), which is enough for successful job in industry and for studying at the following courses;

persons who graduated from secondary school or college have the possibility to be trained in English Medium in the field of Computer Science at B.Sc. course and later at M.Sc. course;

persons who have the B.Sc. degree have the possibility to study at Diplomaed Engineer (1,5 years) or M.Sc. (2 years) course in a certain specialty, or to pass through re-training course as well;

persons who have the M.Sc. or Diplomaed Engineer degree have the possibility to enter at Ph.D. course (3 years) in different specialties for getting the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (in Russian);

persons who have the Ph.D. degree have the possibility to enter D.Sc. course in different specialties for getting the highest Russian scientific degree of Doctor of Science;

persons who have any educational level have the possibility to study Russian language according to different programs;

persons graduated from any High Schools have possibility to be trained in science, or pedagogical fields (short, or long time) in all science and studies specialties of MPEI.

Structure of an academic year

Academic year in Russia consists of 2 semesters starting in September 1 and February 7. The semester duration is 5 months including exam sessions. Winter vacation - lasts from January 25 till February 6. Summer vacation is from July 1 till August 31. The educational programs at Ph.D. and D.Sc. courses as well as these of trainees programs can be started at any time excluding summer vacations period.

Accommodation conditions

Foreign students, which are educated in MPEI on the contract base, have accommodation in a special comfortable hostel for foreign students which is under guarding check. Unauthorized persons without special documents are not admitted to the hostel. The hostel is situated in 16-flour building and consists of two-room apartments with furniture, bathroom and toilet in each apartment. The students of B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses live in two-bed or three-bed rooms and the post-graduate students and degree trainees live in one-bed rooms. The rooms are furnished with beds and mattresses, desks, chairs, study lamps, wastebaskets, bookshelves. Linen is included. There are a kitchen and a rest-room on each flour of the hostel. Every student, Ph.D. student and trainee must obey Rules on staying in MPEI hostel. MPEI is not entitled to take care of long or short staying of relatives of the students in Russia and does not provide their accommodation. However the matter could be regulated by a separate agreement with the students.

In the campus of MPEI there are additional services (laundry, shops, repair offices, post-office, cultural facilities, cafes etc., which can be used by the foreign students on the conditions acting for the Russian students.



Anonymous says:
Oct 06, 2010 09:21 AM


I have M,Sc.Diplomaed Engineer degree and I want to enter at PH, course 3 years.

please give me complete information.


Eng.Aqa Mohammad Wafa
Anonymous says:
May 11, 2012 10:38 PM
I am Muhammad Siddiq,Graduate Civil Engineer from Pakistan and now want to study at ""Moscow State University of Civil Engineering"" at post graduate (MSc) level in at least two of the following available fields.

1-Hydrotechnical Construction 2-Management (Construction)
3-Renewable energies ( Wind power, Solar power, Biogas..) 4-Design of Buildings

Can you please let me know about the information of enrollment for 2013 intake, Fee structure, scholarship for foreign students,and admission procedure.
I would also like to learn Russian language as well before starting my Masters education.
i will be very thankful to you for providing these information.
Muhammad Siddiq
peter says:
Oct 11, 2013 06:55 PM

i want to know how i can apply for admission for diploma or degree course in Power Engineering

elshareif abdelagdir
elshareif abdelagdir says:
Feb 27, 2014 08:05 PM

i want to how can apply for admission degree course in Power Engineering

Andrew kwabena Adjei
Andrew kwabena Adjei says:
Mar 04, 2014 07:38 PM

i want to how can apply for admission degree course in Power Engineering Adjeiandews12342YAHOO.COM

ani says:
May 29, 2014 11:53 PM

i have finished hydrotechnical engineering in albania the bachelor course,i wont to apply for master but with bursa in moska,please help me, my email adress is

Adigun says:
Jul 10, 2014 01:06 AM

i want to apply for bachelor degree please how will i go about it. i am an electrical technician from nigeria.

prem says:
Jul 15, 2014 11:30 AM

hai sir/ mam

i completed my M TECH (CSE)

Raymond Bukubukwana
Raymond Bukubukwana says:
Jul 30, 2019 02:47 PM

Dear Sir/Madam

I have Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering (Power) at Tshwane University of Technology in South African. I would like to pursue my studies in Master degree in your institution. What do I need to do to apply for admission and scholarship. I am interested in "Renewable Energy Studies"

Kindly Regards
Rayamond Bukubiwana

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