Moscow State Engineering Phisics Institute

Moscow State Engineering Phisics Institute
MEPHI is recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of its programs. The most important ingredient of graduate education in MEPHI is the combination of fundamental knowledge of physics and mathematics with profound engineering skills, enabling students to solve the current problems of contemporary science and modern industries.

The MEPHI has a well-balanced system of training students to do independent research work. Comprehensive programs intended for the entire period of instruction provide the basis for this system. It is the practice at Moscow Engineering Physics Institute that senior students are trained at the research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and at the industrial laboratories.MEPHI-entrance


  • The Institute consists of the following faculties:
  • The Faculty of Automatics and Electronics
  • The Faculty of  Cybernetics
  • The Faculty Experimental and Theoretical Physics
  • The Faculty of Information Security
  • The Faculty of Physics and Economics of high
  • technologies
  • The Advanced Physics Faculty of Russian Academy of Sciences
  • The Specialized Faculty of Physics
  • The Economic-Analytical Institute
  • The Preparatory Faculty
  • The Faculty of Foreign Students
  • The Faculty of upgrading specialists and teachers
  • The Humanitarian Faculty


The Moscow Engineering Physics Institute is a large scientific center. MEPHI carries out basic, exploratory, methodological and applied research in science and the humanities. The principal directions of the Institute's scientific research and innovative activities are:

  • Nuclear physics, elementary-particle physics and physics of accelerators
  • Nuclear and thermonuclear energetic of advanced safety
  • Unbalanced condensed media physics
  • Solid-state
  • Physics and superconductivity
  • Solid-state radiation physics, studies of radiation materials and microelectronics
  • Laser physics and optical processes
  • Physics of natural and technogenic catastrophies
  • Ecology
  • New information technologies
  • Methodological firmware complexes for education
  • Economics
  • Mathematical and informational provision for financial activity

The Atomic Center of MEPHI solves problems of great importance:

  • Keeping up-to-date scientific and engineering schools
  • Reviewing the confidence to nuclear energy
  • Enlisting the youth to nuclear science and engineering. says:
Aug 16, 2013 08:47 AM

I wish to undertake a Masters of Science Degree in Nuclear Studies at this University but dont know how to proceed. Any guidelines will be highly appreciated.

Robert Jojo Quainoo
Robert Jojo Quainoo says:
Sep 09, 2013 05:21 PM

I am a Russian citizen with a Russian passport but studied in Ghana,Africa and i wanted to find out if its possible for me to study software engineering in your university.I am not fluent in the Russian language and hope that i can take a language course before i start with the software engineering.I would be very glad if you would provide me with further information concerning this matter on my email( you.

Beatrice Aluet majong machok
Beatrice Aluet majong machok says:
Feb 20, 2014 04:24 PM

Am south Sudanese I would like to do piloting in your institute since it's available am studying russian am not that perfect..

Nabin bhattarai
Nabin bhattarai says:
Apr 30, 2014 06:21 PM

I am a nepalese citizen actively and energetically willing to study nuclear engineering in your it possible for my study over there?

Adeeb Rahman
Adeeb Rahman says:
Sep 21, 2018 03:22 AM

I`m from pakistan i want to do diploma in automobile engineering so please if there is someone who can get me admission in Russia here is my email and my whtasapp number +923203205427

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