Saratov State Socio-Economic University

Saratov State Socio-Economic University

Saratov State Socio-Economic University


Saratov State Socio-Economic University is one of the oldest and at the same time one of the most dynamically developing economic institutions of higher education in the country. It was formed in 1931.

Rector of the University is Vladimir A. Dinnes, PhD (History), Professor, Honoured Scholar of the Russian Federation.

The education in the university is realized in different ways: an intramural tuition, an extra-mural tuition, and non-residence tuition. There are more than seven thousand students studying at the University. The highly skilled staff guarantees a high quality of education. 3 Honoured Scholars of Science of the Russian Federation, 8 Honoured Scholars of Higher School, 1 member of Russian Academy of Sciences and 1 corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, 18 active members of Social Academies of Sciences of the Russian Federation, 83 Doctors of Sciences, Professors, 219 Candidates of Sciences, associate professors work here.

The University comprises: Subsidiaries in Astrakhan, Balashov, Balakovo, Marks, Petrovsk, Sevastopol (Ukraine) 8 faculties 34 departments (including 30 departments granting diplomas) The Institute of Social and Economic Development of the Region The Regional Department of the Academy of Security, Defence, Law and Order Problems The Institute of Supplementary Professional Education The Institute of Distance Learning The Economic College The Economic Lyceum

The University houses:

Regional Research Centre Saratov

Regional Association Japanese Centre

Regional Centre of the French language AIESEC (Association of the Students and Alumni specialized in the field of Economics and Management)

The International Centre of Management and Personnel Retraining

Informational and Educational Centre “Virtual Filiation of the Russian Museum”

Educational Centre for translators training, specializing in the sphere of economics

Publishing Centre Computer Centre, providing access to the Internet

Saratov State Socio - Economic University is a big research centre. New research schools headed by well - known scholars in the field of Russian history, Economic Theory, Finance, Credit, Accounting and Audit, Management and Marketing were founded here. The research is carried out in 14 scientific trends. As a result every year different monographs, collections of research papers, textbooks and study guides are published here. The university has its postgraduate education, doctorate and the Institute for Graduands.

The university is involved in execution of federal purpose - oriented and scientific and technical programs. The University also takes part in the Grant programs of the President of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and also in the program of economic agreements with different enterprises and organizations.

The University possesses excellent facilities:

Modern well - equipped library

Buildings with classrooms and updated laboratories with floor area of 49.6 thousand square meters

Comfortable hostel for 340 students

Canteen for 140 seats

Buffet and three cafes

Summer camp on the picturesque bank of the Volga river

Assembly and sport halls

There is a wide variety of social and cultural activities for students, who have a choice of being involved in Scientific Clubs (Societies), Amateur Talent Club, Sports. The University sport teams often win different student competitions.

International Cooperation At the University a great attention is paid to the international cooperation. At the present moment the contacts with foreign partners are carried out in several priorities. These are annual students exchanges, traineeships for teachers and post-graduate students, participation in joint educational and scientific programs, organization and holding of international conferences, seminars and fairs.

The university has cooperation agreements or contracts with the University of Wyoming, North Carolina, in Pembroke and Illinois (the USA), the University of Salford (Great Britain), the University of Saskatchewan and International Business School Columbus (Canada), the University Pierre Mendes France (Grenoble, France), the University Jean Monnet (Saint Etienne, France), Ternopol Academy of National Economy (Ukraine), Zhitomir State University of Technology (Ukraine), the University of Rzeszow (Poland), the University of Nitra (Slovakia), the State University and the Agro-technical University of West Kazakhstan, the Institute of Languages and Management “Eurasia” of West Kazakhstan (the city of Uralsk).

In September 1999 the University has become a member of Compostela Group of Universities. This should ensure the recognition of the University diploma by the countries of this community. The University is involved in many international educational programs: the project “Tempus” of TACIS, the Fund “EURASIA” of the British Council, ACTR, FULBRIGHT of the Open Society Institute (the SOROS Fund), the German Service of Academic Exchanges (DAAD), the President Program and many others.

The University offers great opportunities for studying at the following faculties:

·               The Faculty of Economics and Management

·               The Faculty of Finance and Credit

·               The Faculty of Accounting

·               The Faculty of Agro - industrial Economics

·               The Faculty of Economics and Law

·               The Faculty of Arts

·               The Faculty of Computer Science and Informational Technologies

·               The Extra - Mural Faculty

Foreigners may study in all faculties and, besides:

one-year intramural preparatory courses (studying the Russian language);

the non-residence learning, lasting 3 years, is realized with the help of distance learning technologies.

post-graduate courses.

The students may live in the hostel during the study.

The address Russia, 410000 Saratov, Radischeva Str., 89

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