Moscow State Forest University

Moscow State Forest University



Moscow State Forest University


MSFU-buildingMoscow State Forest University - specialized establishment of higher education which trains engineering personnel, scientists as well as bachelors and masters for forest industry, wood processing and pulp-and-paper industry and is the major educational and scientific centre of forest complex of the country.

Such famous scientists as O.Yj.Schmidt, V.N.Obraztsov, V.N.Sukatshev, N.P.Anuchin, S.S.Sobolev, A.C.Yablokov, P.P.Patsiora, B.M.Buglai, A.I.Vorontsov, P.S.Sergovskiy, B.A.Tauber, I.S.Melekhov, P.P.Aksenov worked in the University within these years.

In our University all branches of forest complex are represented by different faculties.

The University comprises: 10 faculties, 58 departments, 5 scientific research institutes, a tree-nursery in Schelkovo, branch of international institute of trade and investment in forest complex, 29 branches of departments in the enterprises, 2 certificate centres, postgraduate study and doctorate, International School of Business and Management

There are 330000 volumes of manuals and 211000 volumes of scientific books in the Universities' library.

A tree-nursery in Schelkovo occupies the area of 36000 hectares and comprises two hunting enterprises, 2 forest nurseries - Grebnevskiy (33ha) and Valentinovskiy (42ha), furniture-making workshop, sawing workshop and logging terminal

The University has 59 departments at 7 faculties

Forest Faculty:

·               Department of Ecology and Forest ProtectionMSFU-training

·               Department of Botany and Physiology of Plants

·               Department of Selection, Genetics and Dendrology

·               Department of Silviculture and Resin Tapping

·               Department of Mechanization of Forest Management Operations

·               Department of Soil Sciences

·               Department of Forest Plantations

·               Department of Forest Planning and Forest Conservation

·               Department of Material Science and Technology of Construction Materials

·               Department of Theory and Design of Machines

·               Department of Wheel and Caterpillar Forestry Machines

·               Department of Technology of Forestry Engineering and Repair

·               Department of Forest Transport

·               Department of Technology and Equipment for Forestry Industry

·               Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation Systems

·               Department of Electroenergetics and Forest Complexes

Faculty of Landscape Architecture:

·               Department Garden&Park Design and Management

·               Department of Descriptive Geometry and Graphics

·               Department of Industrial&Civil Construction and Safety

Faculty of Chemical and Mechanical Technology of Wood:

·               Department of Automated Production Lines Control in Forest Industry

·               Department of Machines and Tools

·               Department of Strength of Materials

·               Department of Engineering Mechanics

·               Department of Wood Sciences

·               Department of Wood Drying and Protection

·               Department of Milling Technology and Woodworking

·               Department of Furniture and Timber Products Technology

·               Department of Woodworking Techniques and Equipment

·               Department of Chemistry and Biological Technology in Forestry

·               Department of Chemical Technology of Wood and Polymers

·               Department of Wood

·               Based Panels and Plastics Technology

Department of Heat Engineering

Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science:

·               Department of Higher mathematics

·               Department of Physics

·               Department of Automated Control Systems

·               Department of Automation and Control

·               Department of Information and Measurement Systems

·               Department of Computing Machines

·               Department of Electronics and Microprocessors

·               Department of Apparatus Production Design and Technology

·               Department of Applied Mathematics

·               Department of Mathematical Modelling

·               Standardization and Certification in Forestry

International School of management and Business:

·               Department of Management and Information Technologies

·               Department of Strategic Marketing

Faculty of Economics and Foreign Relations:

·               Department of Economy and Organization of Forestry and Forest Industry

·               Department of Economy and Organization of Woodworking and Forest Chemical Enterprises

·               Department of Management and Marketing

·               Department of Accounting, Economic Analysis and Audit

·               Department of Economic Theory

·               Department of Economy and Organization of Foreign Relations

·               Department of Finance

Humanities Faculty:

·               Department of Philosophy

·               Department of World and Russian History

·               Department of Translation and Interpreting

·               Department of Russian Language and Literature

·               Department of Foreign Languages

·               Department of Pedagogics and Psychology

·               Department of Law