Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University

The Moscow Pedagogical State University


The Moscow Pedagogical State University MPSU was founded in 1872.

Since its foundation MPSU has been undergoing a process of continuous development and upgrading to become a complex multiform educational and scientific institution well respected in Russia and abroad.

The University provides education of high standards which enables its students to benefit from the whole range of expertise and knowledge of the Teaching Staff and achieve competence in their chosen field of Pedagogic and Education

At present number of students in MPSU runs to 12000 students 1500 postgraduates and trainees.

  • The MPSU has the following faculties:
  • The Faculty of Philology
  • The Faculty of Physics
  • The Faculty of Technology and Enterprise
  • The Faculty of Chemistry
  • The Faculty of History
  • The Faculty of Sociology
  • The Faculty of Primary Education
  • The Faculty of Defectology The Faculty of Art and Graphic The Faculty of Slavic and West European Philology
  • The Faculty of Physical Education
  • The Faculty of Biology and Chemistry
  • The Faculty of Geography
  • The Faculty of Mathematics
  • The Faculty of Music Education
  • The Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogic
  • The Faculty of Pre-primary Education

Bachelor degree programs are offered in fields:

Natural Science (Mathematics and Information Technology), Linguistics (Foreign Languages) Management, Pedagogic (Pre-primary Education), Psychology Sociology Philology (Russian Language and Literature)

MPSU has at its Disposal:

  • 13 training buildings
  • 13 dining halls and refectories
  • 2 gymnasium halls + sport centre in Humanities building
  • 3 holiday bases 7 library halls